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Here you'll find the latest information about shipping during these rather unusual times.

Latest Shipping Information

Here you'll find the latest information about shipping during these rather unusual times.

These are challenging times for everyone and at VOID Watches we're doing our best to keep business running as normal as possible. Our warehouse is operating Monday-Friday and we continuously monitor restrictions in shipping to different destinations and of course always making sure that all health guidelines are being met.

So far we haven't had any major disruptions but, there might be occasional delays in some areas and we ask for a little extra patience on behalf of our fantastic couriers and delivery partners. They are all doing an amazing job durring these times.

Here are some details about deliveries to our most common destinations:



For the United States we are only using DHL and FedEx and deliveries are at this point working very well with delivery times of 3-8 working days depending on area. Shipping is free above 100USD, orders below 100USD cost 9USD. Taxes are included in all US orders.



For the European Union and Great Britain we now only offer shipping with DHL or FedEx, this is free for all orders at or above 199USD and takes 4-7 working days. For orders below 199USD shipping quote will be provided during checkout. Taxes are included in all EU and UK/GB orders.



We're shipping as normal with local courier and delivery normally takes a few working days.



We're mainly using DHL and FedEx for shipments to Australia and deliveries ere estimated to take 5-8 working days. Shipments over 100USD are free and orders below 100USD cost 9USD.



For other countries we try to keep shipping times updated and you'll see an estimate of time during checkout. If you have any shipping related questions, please don't hesitate to email us at and we'll give more detailed information.



As always we're offering a 30-day return window and we count these days after you receive your delivery so there will be ample time in case you change your mind. 



As most small independent businesses these are challenging times for us and I'd like to thank all our customers for their support, every order helps us through these times. The same goes for all other independent businesses, please do what you can to support your favourite stores and brands. We know funds are tight but following and sharing what you like on social media or signing up for newsletters is also helpful and encouraging!

Thank you!

David Ericsson, Founder/Designer VOID Watches

This information was updated 9 November 2020

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