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We're making a selection of refurbished watches and lightly used display samples available at reduced prices.

The Upcycled Sample Sale

We don't believe in unnecessary waste and for a few years now we've been going through our stock of display samples, repaired watches and products that for one reason or another are not up to the mark to be resold at full price and instead of disposing of them we've occasionally been making them available at reduced prices here on our website.

Most of the watches you'll find in the sale are in very good condition but some have a bit of wear, please make sure to read the product descriptions carefully. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at before you place your order, we'll do our best to describe the watch you're looking at in detail.

All watches in the sale are fully functional and tested but please note that due to the nature of this sale our terms are a little bit different from our full priced items:

• 6 Months Warranty covering the functionality of the watch.

• Free Standard Shipping.

• Read the product descriptions carefully (email questions before ordering).

• All Sales are Final (no exchange / returns permitted).

• All watches come in an upycled gift box (the box might be lightly used but in good condition).

• We might need 1-3 working days to prepare the shipment of sale items.

To offer these products in this way is part of our brand ethos. All our watches are made to last and it would be quite wasteful to throw them away. I hope you agree!

David Ericsson, Founder/Designer VOID Watches

A selection of refurbished watches available at reduced prices.A selection of refurbished watches available at reduced prices.VOID Watches Sample Sale - Terms and Conditions.



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