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A Note on Watch Batteries. 

A Note on Watch Batteries

All our current watches are battery powered and will need a battery replacement from time to time. This can be done at your local watch shop.

All our current watch models are based on battery powered Japanese quartz movements. A battery normally lasts about 2-3 years but since the watches have been in stock for some time before they are delivered to you the first battery change might come a little sooner than that. We keep track on the battery age and always do what we can to minimise these issues.

If your watch stops or starts running slow, or if the backlight on digital models start to be very weak, it's time for a battery change.

To change the battery we recommend taking your watch to your local watch shop. Batteries are standardised and your local watch shop will know what to do. A battery change should not take long or be too expensive. Unfortunately we are not able to assist in battery changes but should you have any questions you can always reach us for advise here.

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