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Changing the strap can make a big difference to your watch and is not as hard as you might think.

How to change your watch strap

Changing your watch strap is not rocket science and in this article our founder David Ericsson will guide you through the process in a few instructional videos.

A new strap can make a world of difference to a watch and no matter how careful you are a leather band won't last forever. Over the years we've developed a wide range of options in different colours and material and in this article we'd like to guide you through the process of changing your strap.

1. Changing a strap with quick release spring bars.

We've gradually been updating our straps adding quick release spring bars and in most cases this is what your process will be like. No tools are required and a strap changes takes about a minute.

How To Change Your Watch Strap with a Quick Release Spring Bar from voidwatches on Vimeo.


2. Changing a strap with traditional spring bars.

Some of our earlier models use traditional spring bars and for these straps we recommend using our custom made strap changing tool. This video takes you through the process.

How To Change Your Watch Strap from voidwatches on Vimeo.


3. Removing a strap with traditional spring bars without tools.

If you have an older version of one of our watches and you're buying a new strap with quick release spring bars you don't need to buy a strap changing tool. This video shows how you can easily remove the old strap using dental floss. Yes, you read that correctly. Watch the video and find out.

Change Your Watch Strap with Dental Floss from voidwatches on Vimeo.


4. Adjusting a Milanese steel bracelet.

Finally we've made a video showing how to adjust the length of our Milanese bracelets. This does not require any special tools but there are a a few pitfalls so we recommend watching this video before you attempt to make the adjustment.

How To Adjust Your Milanese Watch Band from voidwatches on Vimeo.


If you're unsure about what strap size to get for your watch we've made a more comprehensive guide here. Please pay some extra attention to the size since this is one of the most common reasons we have for returns.


To see our complete strap collection, here's a link.


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