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PKG01-AM/PM Limited Editions

Discover this pair of limited edition watches designed by Patrick Kim-Gustafson inspired by the contrasts of night and day, light and darkness.

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The V03D-Dezeen, a Timely Collaboration with Longtime Partner, Dezeen

This monochromatic collaboration V03D timepiece is between our longtime partner Dezeen. Stripped bare down to the minimal elements, the bone white dial acts as the perfect canvas against the black ...

The Limited Edition: V03D-Feinfracht Alp Dweller

Using our iconic V03D as the canvas, together with the founders Denis Bernet and Tobias Dettwiller we set out to create a watch that merged the crisp air of the Swiss Alps with Sweden’s love for ti...

The Clever, Not Smart V02MKII

What makes the V02MKII so ‘smart’ is that the circular plane which regular analogue watches use to tell time is cut in half by compacting the first and the second half of hours, minutes and seconds...

Designer Michael Young on the PXR-5

In a career spanning over two decades, Michael Young has established himself as one of the pre-eminent industrial designers of his generation. Now celebrating over ten years since it was first conc...

The Updated V01MKII

The original horizon cased V01 watch that launched our brand in 2008 has received an update. While the V01 line came in many different finishes and colours, the new V01MKII comes in three refined c...

Phillips, Nordic Auction in London

While making one of our bi-annual trips to London for designjunction we came across Phillips Auction Houses's beautiful space, which happened to highlight classic Scandinavian furniture design.

A visit to LACMA

When in Los Angeles, visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The California Coast

Whether you're a true outdoor explorer or a happy 'glamper', do yourself a favour and explore the coast on Highway 1. With windy roads scaling California's coastal ridge, hands down, you will have ...


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